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**RACE 23 Results Posted**

Howdy Race Fans!


     Here it is! The half way point of the season and the third pay out of the 2016 NASCAR Fantasy League! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July holiday weekend! Hopefully everyone caught a peek of the races from the previous 6 weeks starting with 5/29 @ Charlotte, 6/5 @ Pocono, 6/12 @ Michigan, 6/26 @ Sonoma, 7/2 @ Daytona and finally 7/9 @ Kentucky.


     As of this letter, Brad Keselowski has the most wins with 4. Kyle Busch is next with 3. 2 drivers each have 2 wins.  And 7 drivers have 1 win each. Hang on to your grandstand seats folks, I think more firework, are yet to explode, in the second half!


     Now here are the winners, of the prizes, for this round of payouts! Starting with the Lucky Dogs. The first Lucky Dog was decided by total wins and by last race placement, this round. Lucky Dog #1 was won by ROUNDHEAD with 304 points! Great driving Kay! Lucky Dog #2 was won by TRI TOM with 339 points! Superb racing Tom! Lucky Dog #3 was won by Motorbreaker II with 369 points! Great racing Jake! Lucky Dog #4 was won by My Car I with 404 points! Awesome racing Tim!


     Now for the Top 3 winners. Top Dog, at this time, once again, is Big R Racing with 214 points! Brilliant picks Pat! In 2nd place is Carolina Racing with 250 points! Superb driving Craig! And in 3rd place is SSK Heaven Racing with 251 points! Awesome driving Sam!


     There we have it! Hopefully everyone is still enjoying the league and the races. The next six races are 7/17 @ New Hampshire, 7/24 @ Indianapolis, 7/31 @ Pocono, 8/7 @ Watkins Glen, 8/20 @ Bristol, and 8/28 @ Michigan. If you have any questions or comments about the league, please e-mail me or for team owners without email, mail me at the address on the envelope received after every 6th race payout!


     Until after Michigan on 8/28, be safe, keep smiling and lets all KEEP ON RACIN’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!