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**Race 15 Results Posted**


Howdy Race Fans!

     Welcome to the end of the twelfth race and the second installment of awards for the 2017 NASCAR Fantasy League! Hopefully everyone had a great Memorial Day!

     The second six races took us to Texas on 4/9, Bristol on 4/23, Richmond on 4/30, Talladega on 5/7, Kansas on 5/13 & Charlotte on 5/28!

     To this point, it has been a very interesting year. So far, we have 9 different winning drivers, with 3 repeaters, Jimmie Johnson, Brad Keselowski and Martin Truex, Jr all having 2 wins each! With 2/3 left to the season, the best is still to come!

     Here are the winners of this interval of pay outs. Starting with the Top 3, on the top of the heap, Red Eye gets the top prize with 128 points! Awesome picks Kenneth! Next, Tom Cat gets the second place prize with 138 points! Great racing Thomas! And TRI PAM receives third place prize with 139 points! Excellent driving Pam!

     Now, for the Lucky Dogs after 12. The 1st lucky dog goes to JR Pits with 178 points! Way to go Linn! The 2nd lucky dog goes to My Car I with 213 points, 0 wins & a 3rd place finish! Congrats Tim! The 3rd lucky dog goes to ‘KING’ with 237 points! Great racing Jimmy! And the 4th lucky dog goes to Team M & M’s with 276 points! Awesome racing Ron!

     The next 6 races are: Dover on 6/4; Pocono on 6/11; Michigan on 6/18; Sonoma on 6/25; Daytona on 7/1 and Kentucky on 7/8. The next letter will be after that.

     Remember, any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at cefmichalec@aol.com or write me at 31278 Tecla Dr  Warren, MI 48088.

     Until then, have a great Happy 4th of July, play safe, drive safe and ‘LET’S KEEP OOONNNNNNN RACIN’!, RACIN’!, RACIN’!’.