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**RACE 27 Results Posted**

Howdy Race Fans!

     Welcome to the end of the twenty-fourth race and the fourth installment of awards in the 2016 NASCAR Fantasy League!  In the last six races, we went to New Hampshire on 7/17, Indianapolis on 7/24, Pocono on 7/31; Watkins Glen on 8/7, Bristol on 8/20 and Michigan on 8/28.

     This payout produced 3 ties that were settled by total wins.

     Well, since the last letter, the Top 16 drivers are: Brad Keselowski leads the series with 774 points and 4 wins. Next is Kyle Busch with 696 points and 4 wins. Kevin Harvick is third with 799 points and 2 wins. Carl Edwards is fourth with 724 points and 2 win. Denny Hamlin is fifth with 691 points and 2 wins. Jimmie Johnson is sixth with 648 points and 2 win. Matt Kenseth is seventh with 633 points and 2 wins. Kurt Busch is eighth with 721 points and 1 win. Joey Logano is ninth with 716 points and 1 win. Martin Truex, Jr is tenth with 652 points and 1 win. Kyle Larson is eleventh with 582 points and 1 win. Tony Stewart is twelvth with 420 points and 1 win. Chris Buescher is thirteenth with 334 points and 1 win. Chase Elliott is fourteenth with 628 points and 0 wins. Austion Dillon is fifteenth with 622 points and 0 wins. And Jamie McMurray is sixteenth with 616 points and 0 wins.

     So, without keeping all of you from the important information, the awards, we will start out with the winners of the TOP 3. The TOP DOG, at 2/3’s of the way, is Big R Racing with 253 points! Awesome driving Pat! In 2nd place is Redneck Raceing with 344 points and 2 wins! Superb driving Mike! And in a 3rd place is Need For Speed Motorsports with 344 points and 1 win! Keep it up, Dawson!

     Now for the Lucky Dogs after 24. The 1st lucky dog goes to Master SS Racing with 424 points! Superb racing Seth! The 2nd lucky dog goes to Triple J Motorsports with 454 points and 2 wins! Great picks Davey! The 3rd lucky dog goes to Bud Boy’s Racing with 489 points and 2 wins! Great racing Joe! And the 4th lucky dog goes to 2 Lefty’s Make a Right with 526 points! Excellent picks Bryan & Scott!

     There they are! Hopefully everyone is continuing to enjoy the league and the race season! The next six races coming up are: 9/4 @ Darlington, 9/10 @ Richmond, 9/18 @ Chicagoland, 9/25 @ New Hampshire, 10/2 @ Dover and 10/8 @ Charlotte. Only Darlington and Richmond remains before the Chase For The Cup begins at Chicagoland! Hang on to your seats, race fans! The excitement is going to be magnified!

     Until after Charlotte, have a great Labor Day. Play safe, drive safe and LET’S KEEP ON RACIN’, RACIN’, RACIN’!!!