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*Final Results Posted*

Howdy Race Fans!


     Wholly moley! Where has the year gone! It just seems like last week, we were starting the season! Now we have just watched the 36th and final race of the 2017 NASCAR Fantasy League! I hope every single  team owner had a very enjoyable, exciting and fun-filled racing season this year! I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your participation in this league! I would also like to thank Chubby Lugnuts for expertly running our web site, WWW.DKSGARAGE.COM, the league’s communication web site! Mike, I could not have done this league without you! I will be running the league again next year!


     If you know of anyone who did not participate in this year’s league and would like to participate next year, have them contact me at 586-405-9543 (Leave a message) or friend me on Facebook. Thank you in advance!


     I am very thankful for all the e-mails of encouragement and support I received throughout the year! I would like to thank all the teams that have already sent in their intentions for next year to me! If you have not sent me an intention e-mail or a snail mail letter, please let me know, either way, on whether you will be participating in the 2018 NASCAR Fantasy League!


     I am currently gathering information for next year’s league! The 2018 NASCAR Fantasy League entry packets should be out sometime around mid-January. All the teams that have e-mail addresses should receive them as e-mails and those that do not have e-mail addresses will receive them by mail.


     The last six races of the year, went to Talladega on 10/15, Kansas on 10/22, Martinsville on 10/29, Texas on 11/5, Phoenix on 11/12 and Homestead-Miami on 11/19.


     The final standings produced two ties, broken by total wins and the finish of the last race, so, without further ado, here they are, in reverse order, the final winners of the 2017 NASCAR Fantasy League:


     The winner for last place and $25.00 is Redneck Raceing with 843 points! Way to grab those             

              bucks, Mike!


     The winner of 13th place and $50.00 is TRI TOM with 594 points, no wins and a 7th place finish!

              Congrats, Tom!


     The winner of 12th place and $75.00 is McMurray’s McDoubles with 588 points! Awesome driving,      



     The winner of 11th place and $100.00 is NASCAR 1953 with 587 points! Superb racing, Larry!


     The winner of 10th place and $125.00 is Drain The Swamp Racing with 586 points! Way to go, Greg!


     The winner of 9th place and $150.00 is Running Wild with 577 points! Superb picks, Bob!


     The winner of 8th place and $200.00 is Goofballs with 563 points! Excellent job, Pam!


     The winner of 7th place and $215.00 is Denny Hamlin’s Speedometer with 561 points and 0 wins!  

              Superb driving, Topher!


     The winner of 6th place and $240.00 is Chubby Lugnuts with 561 points and 2 wins! Way to get it done,



     The winner of 5th place and $265.00 is Dick Trickle with 560 points! Great strategy, Bob!


     The winner of 4th place and $340.00 is Bud Boy Racing with 547 points! Congrats, Joe!


     The winner of 3rd place and $390.00 is TRI PAM with 537 points! Great picks, Pam!


     The winner of 2nd place and $440.00 is Hale Yeah with 527 points! Superior picks, Bob!


     And the CHAMPION of the 2017 NASCAR Fantasy League and $490.00 is Beans & Cake Racing with             

               511 points! Totally awesome, Kara!


     To all the winners, again a hearty congratulations and remember, “don’t spend all your new-found-bucks in all one place!”


     To all of the race team owners, thank you again for your participation in the league this year! Remember, it’s 90+ days till the Daytona 500, February 18th! May each and everyone of you have a great holiday season and receive everything you all are wishing for! Hopefully the “ROCKS AND COAL” box stays away from everyone! I hope and wish that all of you will return to the league next year and maybe a few of your closest friends and family members will join you! Have fun, stay safe and LETS ALL GO RACIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,